Hands and Feet Business

Anyone with children will appreciate how popular this hands and feet business idea could become. The product is children's feet and hands cast in silver, bronze, glass or for the cheapest price, in plaster and painted gold, silver or bronze.

A child lays their hands in a bed of soft clay or other suitable material to make the mould. Once hardened, the chosen material is poured into the mould and left to set or be baked. If you don't have the necessary 'modeling' information, simply find out, or employ someone who does.

The clients are easy to find; parents are everywhere. Perhaps the best way is to visit play schools, schools and offer the service in the same way that school photographers do.

Craft fairs are another outlet. Simply setting up a table and displaying finished products and placing typed explanation displays in A4 frames. To take the service a stage further, you could offer to take a photograph of the child as well as make models of their hands.

Then set both into a display box with a glass front, ready for it all to be hung on a wall. These display boxes can be purchased from model making suppliers; they are used to create dioramas or mount painted flats. Suppliers can be found through Craft magazines.

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