Personnel Packs of Office Supplies

A 'personnel pack' of office supplies could help to keep any small businesses workers sweet and will make the best possible impression on any new employees. You could provide this service. A service that any medium to large sized firm will require that can form the basis of a thriving one person small business.

When any new employee joins a company, what better way of getting things off on the right foot than giving them a 'personnel pack' of office supplies. This will contain all the stationery and useful items they will need in their job. Although tailored for any individual, basic items could include pens, pencils, ruler, Tippex, an A4 file with paper, a message pad, diary, Sellotape, scissors and a desk tidy to keep everything organized.

They need not just be given to new employees. From time to time bosses might wish to kit every company worker out with a personnel pack, as a way of improving morale or boosting company prestige, or even as a tax loss!

The packs would be ordered from department heads or personnel managers, who will specify their requirements. You then buy the items in bulk, charging a mark up on everything included in each pack. Another possible market is schools, whose pupils will require similar items.

Once you have your first customer things could snowball, and could be the ideal springboard to a full time office supplies business!

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