Easy To Set Up Display Advertising Businesses

The Captive Audience for display advertising

Captive ads are a profitable and off beat way of advertising. These are attractive but inexpensively produced display advertisements placed in front of a captive audience, where people wait for a long time in one place.

Examples of places where sign advertising may be used are hairdressing salons, supermarket check outs, bus and train stations, taxi ranks, doctors' and dentists' waiting rooms, public house dart boards and public telephones.

All you have to do is agree a fee to lease the wall space wherever you wish to advertise. Then, you need to build up a group of clients wishing to advertise in the space, perhaps reminding them of the amount of people likely to see the ads.

A bit of research at this stage will help to convince potential customers. The space is then filled with the advertisements, which ideally should be for local, non competing products and services, and placed under glass covers.

Once you have a customer you can then bill them according to the duration of the ad, the amount of exposure the ad will receive and the level of prestige of the site, based upon its position and the type of people likely to be viewing the ad.

This idea requires effort to build up clients, but once this is done this small business scheme may be very profitable, capable of wide expansion display advertising is currently under exploited.

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