Car Cleaning Service

A car cleaning service is a business often regarded as menial, obvious, and therefore rejected as a serious opportunity. Some of the readers of this article will be critical that such a topic is even mentioned. This is a mistaken view. Some of the best small businesses are the simplest.

In my local office car park alone there are over 200 parked cars every day. They don't all belong to my staff I hasten to add! All of these cars are washed by their owners on a regular basis at the local automatic car Wash.

There is no doubt many of these people would be more than happy to pay the same fee or slightly more for someone else to hand wash their car on a weekly basis. Since all of the cars are in one place it would not be a problem to wash the cars as they are parked in the car park. I for one would be at the front of the queue for this type of service.

The profit potential of running this service could be large. If a person was to work 40 hours a week cleaning one car every 20 minutes he could earn good money, and don't forget the tips. Not bad for a so-called menial job!

The editor of this site, in his youth, made a small fortune running a car cleaning service from the local restaurants. The landlords promoted the service and provided space and water etc. for free, because of course the customers would spend money in the restaurants while waiting for their cars to be washed.

As with all of these small businesses ideas I recommend doing the best job you possibly can. It will always be worth going the extra mile to please your customers.

This is because one of the biggest costs to most businesses is attracting each paying customer. So if you can get repeat business from each customer you will make significantly more profit.

So for this idea to work best, find the absolute best car wash products around. The extra money you pay for Zaino or Meguiars will pay you back easily when your customers, who will be astonished at how good their vehicles look, come back to you again and again.

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