Take-Out Taxi, Home Food Delivery Service!

Home Food Delivery is the antidote to today's problem of busy, convenience demanding lifestyles, tapping those too tired to cook and too rushed to eat out. You don't need to know anything about food - all you need is your own vehicle.

Your Takeout Taxi could be ferrying food prepared by local restaurants to your customers all over town. Whether customers want the finest continental cuisine, or curry and chips, Chinese, pizza, pasta or burgers, then you will be able to supply it, limited only by the number of culinary establishments in your area.

By gathering together menus from as many different local restaurants as possible, you can offer an extensive home food delivery service. Customers, rather than calling the restaurants directly, can call you to supply the menu. When they have made their choice you place the order with the restaurant and when it is cooked you deliver it to the customer.

Restaurants will jump at the chance to use your 'Take-Out Taxi' home food delivery service as it will promote their food to a much wider market, and customers will pay for the convenience and choice offered. You can charge restaurants a monthly fee for the service, plus commission on any orders taken.

You should market your scheme as widely as possible to homes and small businesses, using press advertisements, leaflets and posters to spread the message. Also, try and get as many restaurants as you can to use the taxi service in order to offer as much choice as possible.

So, tell them about the extent of the market and the extra custom that the taxi service would bring. By doing this you should virtually guarantee success, and it will only be a matter of time before the Takeout Taxi takes off!

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