Turn 50 To 500 In Five Days With Leaflet Distribution

Here is an excellent project A Leaflet Distribution Service which you can start immediately with little investment and get a return on very quickly.

This project is based on actual businesses operating today, so with a little effort you too could start making money straight away.

Earn ten times your initial investment in just five days!

Distributing leaflets door to door is, pound for pound, cheaper than TV, radio or newspaper advertising. Small businesses are likely to benefit from a leaflet distribution service, as they will rarely have time to organize one themselves, so market your services to local shops, restaurants, garages, tradesmen, or anyone who might require the service.

Try to see the business manager or owner, offering to distribute leaflets to, for example, 5,000 homes for a fixed rate per thousand. It is useful to know your dropping area beforehand, perhaps tailoring your drop to deliver only to certain houses or areas, or saving time by distributing leaflets at large housing estates or blocks of flats.

It is reasonable to expect that around a quarter of businesses will be interested in the service. The key is to build up the number of clients so that you can deliver many leaflets at a time, decreasing time and effort expended and increasing income.

Pick up your leaflets to distribute from the customer prior to the drop. Usually the customer organizes the design and print, but if you have the capability, then offer to do it for them, charging extra for the service. An advantage is that you will not have to invest anything until you find your customers.

Over a five day period you could easily deliver between 5,000 to 8,000 leaflets, perhaps working on evenings and weekends if preferred. Expenses are likely to be around 35 for travel and 15 for telephone calls.

If your leaflet distribution service delivered 6875 leaflets for a total of four customers at one time, at a cost of 20 per thousand, then you will have profits of 500.

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