A Computer School

If you have computer expertise and the idea appeals, running a computer school can be fun and profitable.

Time and again I have heard people moaning about the hours they've had to sit in front of their computer, trying to understand how to do more than basic letter writing in a Word program.

Local councils may even be willing to offer you financial help if you can prove you have a very good service to offer local people.

If you live in a village and don't want to go into the town to earn a living, this is a great business idea. A friend who attended business college at the same time as me many years ago, recently set up a computer training school in a local village.

Not only did she receive financial help from the borough and parish council for the computer school but they also provided her with computers and software and put her in touch with people skilled in finance programs, typesetting and design, others with Internet and web design skills that she could contact and employ on a freelance basis as and when required.

Of course, she had to first do market research to see if enough local people would attend the classes and then prepare a business plan and present it to the local council. The process from planning to opening the school took about 3 months in all.

The venture is a huge success. It has meant that villagers don't have to travel 8 miles to the nearest town for training. She rents out a building right in the heart of the village, which means most of her students don't even need to jump in the car, they can walk to classes.

Its also proved popular with the two business parks situated on the perimeter of two local villages. The companies call her with their requirements, confident they can get staff that know how to use the software packages their company uses.

The school has increased local employment levels and my friend has also increased her income from the computer school, by charging a fee for every successful applicant taken on by a firm, in the same way an employment agency does.

All you need is premises, careful planning and financial help from a local council.

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