Starting Small Businesses

Honestly, Starting small businesses has never been easier.

The first step is to realise that nothing is stopping you, except you!

There are more opportunities to start a small business today than at any time during the history of mankind.

There are six main reasons for this:

1) Many people today have a lot more leisure time and a high disposable income. This gives rise to a massive demand for hobbies, crafts, sports, games, amusements, holidays and weekend breaks.

2) Today's more competitive and diversified society means small businesses and individuals are open to new ideas, services and products like never before. This creates a large potential market for training courses, educational aids, all kinds of information, specialised products and services, novelties, etc.

3) Anyone starting a business today has immense technology at his or her disposal including: computers; printers; photocopiers; scanners; media recording equipment; low cost bulk printing; telephone answering technology; Internet and web sites. Not long ago, the average multi-national lacked the computing, communicating and printing power available to the ordinary person today.

4) Modern society demands its members have a lot of ability. In the course of a lifetime people are required to, for example:

  1. use a long list of consumer durables,
  2. fill out reams of forms,
  3. communicate with all kinds of people from advisors to workmen,
  4. complete complex transactions such as buying a house,
  5. sell himself/herself to potential employers, life partners, etc.
  6. have opinions about everything from nuclear weapons to how local services should be run,
  7. run his/her life from managing personal finances to building a career.

All this is a far cry from the average 18th century person who was an illiterate farm labourer who never travelled more than four miles from home. This means that now the pool of potential business people is greater than ever before. If a person can live in modern society that person has the necessary ability to start a small business.

5) More people have access to money than ever before. Until the late sixties most people were paid weekly and spent money as they earned it. Today most people have credit cards, which alone have spending limits equal to a half or full year's income. Savings and share holdings are greater than ever before. A large proportion of the population can raise money on their house. All this is underlined by the fact that more people and institutions are willing to lend money for a good small business proposal.

6) Advice, courses and books about starting a business are within easy reach of everyone. You wouldn't have to look far on the internet to find the solution to most small business problems.

7) Wherever you find large communities of people, it is more easy to provide a highly specialised service and make a good living. For example, in a small community a baker would probably have to sell a full range of products to survive. With access to many people in a very large community, you could probably do well specialising on just one of the niches of bakery, like special occasion decorated cakes (for weddings, birthdays etc.) or filled rolls in high traffic areas. More people equals more opportunities.

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