Clear Your Desk Ideas

Here are some great clear your desk ideas to help you become more profitable.

•Try to keep all single, loose pieces of paper off your desk. To-do lists, sticky notes etc. can all be kept on 1 piece of paper, or preferably put in an organiser or diary so that at a later date you know what you have done and when you did it.

•Practice 'one-touch' filing. pick up 1 piece of paper and deal with it completely, don't put it aside for later attention.
For example - an invoice which needs to be paid in 30 days - write out the cheque - put it in a stamped envelope and file it in a 'to be posted later' file. All you now have to remember is to post a letter. All the other issues have now been dealt with.

•Put all small stationery items in one place. I find a stout cup works brilliantly for all pens etc. and a breakfast bowl for all paper clips, rubber bands etc.

•Deal with all memos which come in immediately. Most can be filed in the bin! Then tell everyone who sends them that most memos sent to you end up in the bin. This solves two problems. 1. they stop sending you memos. 2. They stop making their problems into your problem by simply scribbling on a piece of paper and sending it to you! One common exception to this rule, don't try this with the boss (unless you are ready for a job change.)

•Bin unwanted junk mail straight away. Open your post over the bin - that helps. If you don't want to read it now you probably never will.

•Daily, write a 'To-Do' list. Prioritise the list in order of decreasing payoff. Do all the things on that list - that day. If anything pops up to interrupt you, consider whether it is genuinely a higher priority than the next item on your list, if it isn't consider putting it on tomorrows list. Organised working like this is far more efficient than working reactively.

•Fillet old files, or even bin them altogether. Sure 'out of site is out of mind' but 'out in the skip' is sooooo much better for the soul.

•Work on one project at a time. It often feels as though you are achieving more when you multi-task, but it rarely is - unless there is a substantial time delay in your work (like waiting for glue to dry)

•Excepting your 'To-Do' list, don't write notes to yourself reminding you to do things. If it is important enough to get onto your list then deal with it when you come to it on the list. If it's is so unmemorable you need to write it down you can probably get away without doing it anyway.

•Keep a calendar with important dates to you on it. For example, Taxing and insuring your vehicles. This way you only need to look in one place to remember when to do all the months-away chores.

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