What's Stopping You Starting

More people are starting a business than ever before. For those who haven't started but wish they had, lets explore what's stopping you starting a small business.

Many people are held back by two factors:

Let us deal with each one in turn.

A) There are many reasons why an employee should want to start a business but three are worth thinking about.

1) The difference between having your own business and having a job is the difference between buying a house and renting a house. If you rent a house you have all the satisfaction of living in a house, but at the end of the day you own nothing and can be evicted as quickly as you became a tenant.

A job is just like a renting a house. However, your own business depends on you, because you are its owner, and at the end of the day it may leave you with considerable personal wealth.

2) You are a unique person. The vast majority of employers do not recognise your uniqueness. It is said the universe is twenty billion years old and will last at least as long again. In all the time to come there will never be another person just like you.

You are a unique creation. How does an employer treat a unique creation like you? They make you fit into a box where the walls are your job description. Many people before you had to fit into the same box and many people after you will have to do the same. You were not created to spend your life following orders, doing repetitive tasks and being just like other people. Your own business offers you the opportunity to make unique achievements, to build a unique business, which mirrors your personality, and to stamp the world with your mark.

3) If you do not want to start a business to create personal wealth or to satisfy your ego then start a business to help other people. Every time a person offers others a new product or service, he or she increases their freedom of choice.

There is not a better way to help other people than by giving them more freedom. With the extra freedom, the jobs created and extra taxes paid, it could be argued that founding a successful business is the most socially useful thing anyone can do. Instead of choosing between 1), 2) or 3) as a reason for starting a business, all three become interlocked and are a consequence of a successful business.

B) Most people unfamiliar with starting a business struggle to generate business ideas and that's where this website comes in. The ideas pages here will help you to generate ideas for yourself.

The 'Foolish Ideas' will help you to see that the most unlikely things have made their originators rich. Also you will see that these people were no better educated, more intelligent or talented than you are.

The only difference between these successful people and you is that they had an idea and took action.

Action is the key to success, without action, your idea will never be anything more than an electrical impulse locked away in your brain.

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