Small Businesses Ideas
And Simple Start-Up Help Tips

A Simple Business Philosophy

'4‑Small‑Businesses.com' was created to help give entrepreneurs small business ideas to get started and to give new small businesses some help to become established and profitable.

You will find over 600 ideas for small businesses to help get you started, or to give you ideas for expansion of your existing businesses.

I devised this site because I believe there are only 3 ways to become seriously rich.

You may wonder why I have left out simply working for someone else. I have left it off the list because I believe a job is just a way of earning money for someone else. If you didn't earn more money for the boss than the boss pays you, why would s/he bother? So why not just do the job yourself and put all the money in your own pocket?
Do you know anyone working at a 'job' who is seriously wealthy? I don't.

Don't get me wrong - There is absolutely nothing wrong with working for someone else, I just think you may well be able to do better working for yourself.

Lets assume you are in broad agreement with me so far, but that you have no clear idea of what you could do to get started. This is where the hundreds of simple business ideas on this site come in handy.

The majority of feedback I get from this site runs something like "I entered the site because I didn't have much of an idea of what business I wanted to start, I just knew I wanted to start something. After reading through all the ideas on your site I found I was bursting with ideas for small businesses."

Sure, lots of the ideas sound a bit lame on their own, but add them to one of the other ideas and mix in your own ideas and skills and you never know, you just might surprise yourself!

Don't Even Try To Get-Rich-Quick - You Won't!

I would advise against even looking at any of the thousands of get-rich-quick schemes going around. The vast majority of them are at best 'not what you hoped for' and will inevitably waste your time, effort and money.

However attractive the offer placed before you, simply ask yourself -
'If it is that good why are you selling the idea and not doing it yourself?'
I have asked this question hundreds of times and, with the exception of established franchises, the answers would be laughable if so many folks were not being conned.

If you want to find some simple 'off-the-shelf' system of making money on this site I am afraid you will be disappointed. You will find none.
By the way - There is no way for you to pay me for anything, anywhere on this site.

But if you are a budding entrepreneur, a mumtrepreneur or simply want ideas for an extra income, read on. You will find hundreds of ideas for businesses which other people have actually used, to form the heart of their small businesses.

Continuous Financial Success

Continuous financial success is like a stool resting on the three legs - Get any one of these three wrong and it all collapses. This site can help you with all three.

Earning - Small Business Ideas

The best way to earn money is by running some form of your own business.

Because many Small businesses start off from a very simple idea, I have collected hundreds of simple small business ideas which you can use to help you start a new business.

Many of these ideas are case histories of genuine businesses which have made fortunes for the people who had the ideas, and acted on them.

It is not my intention to tell you what to do, but to simply give you a lot of ideas to think about, in the hopes that something sounds good enough to motivate you to have a go for yourself.

Click the 'Business Ideas' tab on the right to get started with loads of ideas designed to help you to get ideas for your own small business.

You may be interested to know that these ideas were first published on the web on this site in January 2003 and have since been copied by many other sites. Here - you have found the originals!

Not Spending - Keep Your Costs Down

Entrepreneurs need to spend the majority of their time concentrating on their core business activity, but find their time taken up with many marginal business activities instead. The key to success is to make good decisions on all of these marginal business activities as well.

The truth is you need access to services, which consistently deliver excellent value quickly, leaving you free to concentrate on your core activities. So I have tried to find the very best solutions to the problems which most new businesses face - like keeping down your Start-Up Costs and where to look for the best business loans and insurance.

I shine a light in the direction of any company, which will deliver a best-of-the-best service for you, and give you some great practical help and ideas in many different areas.

And I know you are busy, so try to keep it short.

Saving - Invest Your Profits Wisely

The vast majority of seriously rich people I know didn't just earn their way to wealth, they also saved their way to wealth.
Don't just throw away the money you have earned, spend it wisely. Shop around for your business or home insurance, go to the cheapest supermarket in town, and buy a car which will last.
This way you will have far more time and money available to reinvest in your business enterprise.

You know how many times you have heard of people who have made life-changing amounts of money and promptly lost it all. Well there are many good reasons for this. One of them is because in this consumer society we have had a lot of practice at spending, but most people have had much less experience of saving money, so guess what happens!

However you earn money I believe that it is wise to continually take a small proportion and save it beyond easy reach, for the very long term.

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