Products and Services, Opportunities In The Countryside

Big profits can be made by taking the products and services to the people, rather than expecting them to come to you.

Towns are not necessarily the most profitable places to operate a business. Here are some ideas for making money in rural areas.

The townies amongst us tend to envy our country cousins. While we are caught up in a rat race, they amble along at a much more agreeable pace. We look out onto a sea of gray, drab buildings while they enjoy the stunning scenery. Country people seem to have it all.

Yet townies have much to be thankful for. If we want to rent something, no problem - five minutes in the car is all it takes. Fancy a takeaway? Just pick up the phone and dial. If we have run out or parmesan cheese for the bolognese we can pop to the corner shop.

However, many countrysiders are virtually land locked. They shop once a week at a town miles away, and tough luck if they forget something. Most of us can't begin to imagine what life's like without the conveniences we take for granted. Even the school run can take up half the morning.

A Countryside Full of Opportunity

Of course, country folk are a hardy lot, and by nature are adaptable. That is not to say they would not enjoy convenience if it was offered to them. Which brings me to the subject of business opportunities in rural areas.

One enterprising Yorkshire Dales man started his own mobile fish and chip shop, visiting all the small Dales villages on a regular basis. His customers are thrilled. No more peeling potatoes and greasy chip pans!

The uniqueness of the locality has provided him with a niche market for his business that just wouldn't work in a town. The key element is that the business is mobile, rather than static. No doubt there are many similar small businesses opportunities delivering products and services just waiting to be exploited.

Offering Convenience

If you live in a rural area, or have easy access to one, you may be interested in establishing a thriving business by providing the convenience that is so lacking in the country.

Simply draw up a list of products, services and amenities that townies take for granted. Do a little research among friends, colleagues and family. You will soon establish what conveniences they would appreciate the most. This will help you decide how best to make a profit and provide a community service at the same time.

Fish and chips might not be your thing, but there are big profits to be made by taking the products and services to the people, rather than expecting customers to come to you.

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