Baywatch Advertising

Although not to everyone's taste, getting some models in skimpy bathing costumes to promote a product or service is a tried and tested attention getter.

It is preferable if they are female. Setting up a service employing attractive people to strut and pose around crowded beaches/parks/shopping centres advertising your client's business can therefore be extremely lucrative.

A classified ad placed in the local paper is a good way to recruit models, or you could simply approach people in the street. To find clients, contact them by telephone or in person, explaining what you can offer.

Interested clients might include a shop having its summer sale, a venue looking for people interested in attending a show, a tourist attraction offering a new ride, or a firm launching a new product.

You could charge daily rates of £200 plus for this. Pay the models £50 each and you could pocket £150 per day in profit.