Make Kites To Sell

Kites are easy and inexpensive to produce, making ideal presents with which to entertain children on the beach or during a picnic. Get a book explaining how to build the kites from a library and then customise the designs with imaginative graphics.

Next, take a selection of your products you have made along to popular resorts and sell them to anguished parents trying to entertain demanding youngsters. You could ask a friend to fly one of your kites next to you as an advertisement for your designs.

By selling your kites you will easily cover your production costs and make a tidy profit.

You could also buy a few ready made kites and sell them at a premium.

While reading these ideas, try to think of an extra spin you could add to make your idea unique and different.

Maybe for this idea you could make kites to sell, also sell balloons, and perhaps simple glove puppets for children to use to hold the balloon or kite?