Start a Car Wash Service

You could start a car wash service operating from car parks, or going from house to house. Offering to wash people's cars is a classic summer money maker.

Make sure you appear presentable and eager, otherwise no-one will hire you and do a good job to attract repeat business.

It is well worth getting business cards or flyers made as it will make your service appear trustworthy and respectable. You can hand them out to potential customers, post them through people's doors, get them put up in shop windows and leave them under windscreen wipers.

If you do a really good job, word will soon spread and the whole neighbourhood will be requiring your services.

You will need a bucket, sponge, chamois leather and cleaning solution. A hose with brush attachment will also make life easier. If you can lay your hands on a mobile vacuum cleaner you could also tidy the interior of the vehicle.

Check the cleaning solution instructions carefully to avoid damage to cars and be very careful of cleaning paintwork in full sun. Many polishes don't like it too hot and cold water left for too long on hot paint can cause paint damage.

A good general rule for car washing is to start at the top and work down. This means starting with the roof and finishing with the wheels, and starting every side panel at the top and finishing that panel at the bottom. Use long horizontal strokes for cleaning and circular strokes for polishing.

A dirty sponge will scratch paintwork badly so replace sponges very often. A new sponge per car will impress your customers and they are very cheap. Wet sponges will pick up grit very well so if you drop a sponge onto the ground, replace it.

Avoid dropping sponges and chamois leathers by pinching the edges as you hold them, and never clean paintwork with a sponge after using it to clean wheels and the underside of a car.

To really impress your customers why not provide a full interior and exterior valet service? You can charge plenty for this.

Going for a good range of car wash cleaners will be noticed and make life much simpler for you.

Visit zainoeurope (www.zainoeurope.com) to find a fantastic range of seriously good cleaners. They look a little expensive at first glance, but don't be put off, the bottles go a long way.

Start with Zaino7 to wash the car first then Zaino5. This is one of the easiest polishes to apply and the results will amaze you and the customers of your new car wash service.

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