Be a Walking Advertisement

In the hot summer months many organisations employ members of the public as a walking advertisement. They simply dress up in a costume and publicise the product/service/attraction in the high street or on crowded beaches. You could undertake this role, entertaining shoppers and handing out flyers.

Of course, being decked out in a thick plastic outfit on a scorching July weekend has its downsides, but you can make a healthy weekly wage if you can stand the conditions.

To find work as a walking advertisement simply go from shop to shop and speak to the manager. Also approach company bosses by telephone, getting their numbers from the phone book.

Local tourist attractions, theatres and show organisers often employ people to walk the streets handing out flyers and generating publicity, so be sure to contact these people.

I hesitate to suggest this awfully sexist remark, but it is a fact that attractive ladies will find work as a walking advertisement more financially rewarding - go figure!