Organise Nature Walks

People love to walk, so you could arrange to take people out on themed nature walks enjoying a leisurely stroll through Britain's remaining greenery.

You'll require an ability to plan journeys along the best routes and to navigate your group, reading maps and offering relevant information as you go.

You might take an outing every Sunday, leading your group around attractive countryside.

You'll need to provide transportation for any members of your group who don't have a vehicle, or organise travel companions - customers who provide lifts for one another.

Your fees will need to cover transportation costs, maps and tourist brochures for each destination - about £5 to £10 per person seems reasonable.

Advertise your nature walks in outdoor shops, nature magazines and in busy urban locations where the prospect of a peaceful stroll will really appeal.

Also use tourist information offices and notice boards in libraries and museums to attract customers. Getting a Blue Badge award from your local tourist board will give your nature walks business extra credibility.