Restaurant Cabs

Every Christmas, hard hitting television advertisements press home the message that we should not drink and drive.

This is being understood by more and more people. Anyone visiting a restaurant, pub, cinema or club can be in no doubt that if they exceed the legal limit of alcohol when they are driving home, they will be punished very severely if they are caught, and there is also the possible danger to consider. The law regarding drinking and driving is something of an inconvenience to many, but you can turn it to your advantage in order to make money.

Offering a restaurant cab service is something that can not only provide a competitive and up market alternative to a normal taxi service, but will also be a big hit with restaurants and pubs. Anyone in any location with a suitable car can offer this service, providing they have the right insurance.

There are two main elements to the service. The first is similar to a taxi or chauffeur service - the driver ferries someone to the destination of their choice, be it a restaurant, pub or club, and then picks them up at an agreed time to take them home. Suitable for evening diners at local pubs and restaurants, business people at lunch time and after work, all are important potential markets.

From the point of view of the customers, the service removes the time and trouble of organising transport and they can drink as much as they want. Because it is an approved personal service, people travelling alone - particularly women - can be secure in the knowledge that they will arrive home safely and on time.

The second element actually links the service with a particular restaurant or pub (or a group/combination of them), and is the key reason why it would be popular with drinkers, diners and restaurant managers alike. It would form part of the whole restaurant meal package, with the restaurants actually advertising the cab service, and the price would be included within the cost of the meal. As a result the restaurant knows that its customers will be able to get there (and back) easily, and the single payment will be very convenient for its customers.

Therefore this service will be very attractive to restaurants and pubs, especially those situated in out of the way and rural areas. Those in particularly isolated areas are likely to benefit hugely from such a service.

To set the business up you should make sure you have a suitable saloon type car, the correct insurance, and a means of being contacted - ideally a mobile phone. Next you should contact restaurants and other licensed establishments likely to benefit from your service, negotiating either a fixed rate per customer or a commission based on the overall restaurant bill.

The advertising then becomes the responsibility of the restaurant, although you can advertise in addition, perhaps even getting your own customers. If you are working exclusively for one establishment you should charge a higher rate than you would if you were working for several. Initially at least, working for more than one might guarantee more customers.

Simple to start, with a telephone and correctly insured transport, you could launch this business within an hour. Stress the advantages of the service to restaurants and pubs and you could very soon have your own successful full or part time business.

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