Earn Cash From Your Camcorder
Insurance Videotaping

A New Way to Earn Cash from your Camcorder

All too often we blindly put our trust in insurance companies. We expect them to reimburse us when our valuables are lost or stolen, yet we often forget to keep any proof of possession. Sadly, insurance companies often don't pay out fully because the claimant didn't have adequate proof they owned the items in the first place. There's a new service you can offer that will change this state of affairs - insurance videotaping. Already established in the US, insurance videos are being increasingly used in the UK.


All you have to do is visit households and go through the house recording on videotape and insured possessions, to act as proof that the items exist. Either the householder or the insurance company itself may hire you to do this.

The other advantage offered by this service is when someone puts in a claim for damage, such as from a fire, flood or high wind. The damage can be recorded on videotape to assess the total cost - insurance companies often now require this when a lease owner makes a claim.


The only equipment required is a good quality video camera and your blank tapes. Once you've bought your camera, and brushed up on your camera work, send out a letter to insurance companies and/or contact them by phone to advertise your service. Also drop leaflets through the letterboxes of homeowners, particularly those in affluent and crime/disaster prone areas.


When you are out recording, start by videoing the outside of the property. Then get the owner to take you through the house so you can video the insured items and/or damage. Ensure your camera has a microphone so you can provide a running commentary. When you have finished videotaping, always keep a copy of the videotape in case a dispute arises. Mark the tape clearly with the customer's name, address and date of the taping.

This service is becoming ever more in demand as insurance companies become increasingly cautious. Luckily, the work and marketing are straight forward and the whole business can be set up for less then £1,000.

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