City Dog Park

Any dog owner who lives in a busy town or city will know how difficult it is to find a city dog park to give their dog the exercise they require. Dogs are already forbidden from most shops and many shopping centres. Parks may be few and far between and there are hefty fines for dog fouling.

All this is likely to make pooch and his owner feel rather unwanted. However, there is a business idea that can give our four legged friends the freedom they need and help us make money in the process.

The city dog park, a successful American idea, in a city area - usually the roof of a tower block or skyscraper - given over to dogs. The dog-park has enough space to let dogs run free and get as much exercise as they require, while still having places where the dogs can sleep, eat and be fenced off from one another, if necessary. The whole area is self contained so that the dogs cannot escape from the park.

Dog owners can leave their treasured pets with an attendant at the city park before heading off to work or to do their shopping. They would either pay a daily/hourly/weekly fee, or pay in advance on a membership basis. The attendant then ensures that the dog is fed, watered, exercised, on or off the lead, and generally takes care of the dog's well being. At the end of the day, the dogs are collected by their owners and the whole area is cleaned up.

There is scope for expanding the service so that owners can leave their dogs for days and weeks at a time. The city dog park would have an advantage over traditional dog kennels as they would be nearby and offer the dogs plenty of exercise. Other tie-in services you could provide are dog grooming and cleaning, and veterinary visits. The dog park could also have a shop selling food and everything else a dog might require.

To set up the service you will first need to rent a suitable space. Roofs of buildings are ideal, as they are self contained, offer sufficient space, can be easily leased at relatively low cost, and have all the necessary amenities nearby. You will need to ensure that there is suitable access by lift or stairs. There may be suitable areas on ground level, although land of this type tends to be more expensive to rent and fence off, or is too far away from people's houses and places of work.

The type of person who would require this service is likely to be fairly affluent so you can charge highly for it. Advertise in pet shops, veterinary surgeries and in the local press. Also have some business cards made which can be left in the canteens and reception areas of local businesses and handed out as necessary.

Although this business may require an initial investment, - for rent, fencing, food and cleaning equipment - it is something that anyone with a love of dogs will be able to do with the minimum of help and does not require any previous experience or qualifications. City dog parks are very successful in towns and cities across the U.S., the idea is just begging to be tried elsewhere!

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