Home and Business Security Service

Wouldn't you like to go away on holiday knowing that a home and business security service was looking after your home or business?

How many of us go on holiday with the dreaded thought in the back of our minds that while we are away our homes could fall prey to burglars or vandals, or else be affected by some kind of natural disaster such as fire or burst pipes?

For many people, just thinking of these possibilities can effectively ruin a holiday, but if there was a home and business security service which you offered, this would banish these thoughts from people's minds and help you make some money too. The business which can do this is the home-business security service, and is an excellent opportunity for anyone who has transport and a little time on their hands. By providing this security service you can offer peace of mind for anyone leaving their homes unattended. The home security guard checks up on each client's house while they are away, making sure that milk, newspapers and letters are all cleared away from the doorstep, checking that all doors and windows are kept secure, and generally ensuring that the house is maintained and does not look empty. There may be additional requirements to water plants, feed pets, tidy up inside, air rooms, and more.

One reason why this business can be so profitable is that it is not confined to looking after people's homes when they are on holiday. It can also include taking care of people's small businesses and second homes.

Since the property boom of the mid 1980s, a huge number of second homes have been bought in the UK, either as an investment or as a place to escape to during the Summer Holidays, Weekends, and Bank Holidays. Places like Devon, Cornwall, Wales and East Anglia are well known as areas that are full of holiday homes. They do not just exist in the seaside and traditional holiday areas, but in the countryside surrounding any major town or city, there will be cottages, houses and flats that provide a weekend escape for people spending their working week in the city.

As they are generally visited only at weekends or on certain weeks of the year, these properties will be unoccupied for at least 80 per cent of the time. As a result they could fall prey to thieves and vandals and are often prone to potential damage from wind and rain, fire and burst pipes. Since the owners are not always on hand to check up on their property, it makes sense to have a home security service on call who can.

The home security guard calls on each property perhaps daily or twice a week, or whatever frequency the client requires, making an examination of the property and premises.

There is ample scope for developing the service to suit customers' budgets and needs. As well as the basic duties, you could offer a more regular and/or thorough service for people willing to pay more. Perhaps checking all doors, windows, gates and outhouses, and even going as far as to make a full internal and external inspection.

The service can be expanded to include basic upkeep of the property, perhaps including watering plants, cleaning windows, airing rooms, mowing lawns and doing the gardening. You could also deal with any repairs and improvements that need to be carried out, either doing these yourself if you have the experience, or subcontracting them to local handymen, plumbers, electricians, gardeners and so on. Another duty could be preparing the house for when the owners visit or when the holiday maker's return, so that they get milk, newspapers, hot water and flowers in the rooms when they arrive.

Charges could begin at £5 per basic visit, ranging to £50 or more per week for a more comprehensive service. In fact, depending on the level of service you offer (and the size of your client's wallet!) you could charge a great deal more than this. Also, you could charge more during holiday periods in the same way that holiday companies charge more, to take account of the increased demand.

One place to advertise is in the property section of local newspapers, although the best way to get customers is through word of mouth. Talk to the local shopkeepers, vendors, publicans and other homeowners about your service. Perhaps placing ads in local shops, pubs, and so on and encourage any clients to recommend your service to others. Once you get your first few customers, your reputation for vigilance, efficiency, discretion and friendliness, will spread and your business will grow.

With the property market on the up again, the second home security business would appear to be increasingly secure. People are always conscious of the possible damage to their homes from crime and natural causes when they go on holiday. Since people will pay for peace of mind, you should find that the home security business will be a profitable one.

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