Import Oil Paintings For Profit
An Alternative View

This is an exact copy of an email sent to the editor of this site.

It has been included here to provide 'balance'.

We like to show both sides of the coin.

In regard to your article on importing oil paintings...

As a 'local' artist as you put it i find your encouragement of importing cheap and often poor quality oil paintings from the far east results in hindering people like me from more commercial success.

Promoting quantity over quality dilutes the artistic skill available to the public. Ironically if quality 'local' artworks were not out competed by cheaper poor quality imports then you'd find the price of good artwork would drop as more artists had more sales.

Finally you're encouraging exploiting the 'artists' in the far east by buying their work for half nothing, not to mention the cost to the environment of the long distance shipping necessary to bring the art to the UK.

Your article insults me, but anything to make a buck, right?


Andrew L.