Fashionable Hairstyles, Makes Hair Stylist Denie Schach A Multi-millionaire!

Name: Denie Schach.
Nationality: American.
Age: 45 years.

'Foolish' Small Business Idea: An easy way to create fashionable upswept hairstyles, such as the French Twist.

Start-up-Capital: $1,000.

How small business idea was launched: Denie showed her invention to Bradley Business Builders which is a company that specializes in helping entrepreneurs launch their ideas on the market place. Started her own Dallas based company, Angelhair.

Sales: The first shipment of 30,000 'Hairdinis' sold out. They're sold to hairdressers, salons, mall boutiques and major department stores.

Earnings: Over $20million in sales. Denie is a multi-millionaire.

Denie Schach went from a struggling hairdresser who spent sleepless nights worrying about how the family could pay the bills, to becoming a multi-millionaire. When clients began asking her if she knew of an easier way to create upswept hairstyles, Denie began to experiment with using a bendable foam covered wire as support for the styles.

Fifteen different prototypes all proved unsuccessful, and at one stage she was so discouraged that she threw a prototype into the dustbin. Then she tried the sturdy durable foam used on the inner roof of cars, and it worked perfectly.

Denie took her finished invention to specialists in bringing new small business ideas to market, Bradley Business Builders. Both Denie and her husband, John, had to put their own money into the project as well, but the gamble paid off.

The first shipment of 30,000 Hairdinis sold out. Now, Denie Schach sells the $30 Hairdini, complete with an instructional video and how-to-booklets, directly to the public by appearing regularly on QVC. It's also purchased by hairdressing salons, boutiques and major department stores.

Dennie's advice to other people with an idea:

If you believe in the small business idea, don't give up on it, no matter how silly other people think it is. Don't take no for an answer. Your wildest dreams can become a reality. A simple hair styling product has made Denie Schach a multi-millionaire.

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