Bottled Water Turns Into Liquid Gold for Debora Mache!

Name: Debora Mache (Co-owner). Owner: unknown.
Nationality: American.
Age: Unknown.

'Foolish' small business idea: A bar where the only drink served is bottled water from all corners of the world.

Start-Up Capital: Cost of opening a bar. Amount: not known.

How small business idea was Launched: Opened a water bar in Boston.

Sales: The Waterbar in Boston is doing so well, that Debora is considering opening another one in San Francisco.

Earnings: Not known (project is new).

Alcohol-free drinking at the Waterbar on Boston's hip South End is enjoyed by a cross-section of mainly young business people.

The drinks served range from water at 75 cents a small bottle, like Poland Spring, to more exotic waters of Italy or Fiji for $4 or $5 each. There are also caffeine-containing waters like 'Krank 20'.

Debra Mache believes that The Waterbar is a success, because water is the most pure, simple substance to drink. The interior design of The Waterbar is clean cut and modern, using several shades of blue for the walls, and silver gray for an upbeat look. Rows of bottled water neatly stacked, line the wall behind the silver colored bar.

Appreciation of the attention to detail of the surroundings is borne out by the customers. Salesman, John Ranco, 36, says The Waterbar is a nice escape and environment.

Although this is a new small business venture, the Boston Waterbar is doing so well, that Debora Mache is considering opening another one in San Francisco. Debora could well be on her way to striking it rich from simply selling water.

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