Collection of Celebrities' Hair, Worth a Cool $1million!

Name: John Reznikoff.
Nationality: American.
Age: Not known.

'Foolish' Small Business Idea: Many people treasure a lock of hair from a loved one. John decided to collect hair from famous people of the past.

Start-up Capital: Unknown.

How small business idea was launched: John travels the globe to track down snippets of hair. Owns, 'University Archives Inc.' of Stamford, Connecticut.

Sales: His collection includes locks of hair from dead celebrities: Abraham Lincoln, Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy.

Earnings: Note: Research has not revealed if John Raznikoff's collection is for sale or on show to spectators. However, it has been included, because it's such an unusual small business idea.

John Reznikoff has spent the past five years, traveling the world, tracking down locks of hair from 100s of different heads - all celebrities.

A celebrity memorabilia shop in Chevy Chase, Md., Norma Jean's, sells locks of hair at hair-raising prices. Strands of George Washington's hair for $1,600. Hair clipped the night Abraham Lincoln was shot, so doctors could tend his fatal head wound for $3,500.

The famous locks of Elvis Presley that had to be cut at the start of his military career, clippings for $1,995. A John F Kennedy portrait with sealed plastic sleeve containing his hair, cut by barber Henry Gelbert for $2,200.

No wonder John Reznikoff has his hair-raising collection insured for $1million.

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