Organising Posh Parties nets Justin Etzin £5million!

Name: Justin Etzin.
Nationality: British.
Age: 23 years.

'Foolish' Idea: Throwing posh parties for other people.

Start-up Capital: £1,800.

How Idea was Launched: When Justin Etzin organised his own party, it was more of a hobby. He threw an end of GCSEs bash at a London nightclub, while still at public school, Bedales. Justin named his posh party business, Capital VIP Events.

Sales: His clients are all high profile and include, Qantas, Gucci, Planet Hollywood and Coca-Cola.

Earnings: Justin Etzin says he is worth about £5 million. (2004)

23 year old Justin Etzin, is the son of one of the founders of the Brother electronics firm. However, his interests are not in electronics but the leisure and property industry.

While still at the public school, Bedales, he threw a bash at a London night club and started his posh-party idea, calling it, Capital VIP Events. For the first party he organised - which was at the time more of a hobby - he needed 300 people paying £6 a head to cover costs. He called everyone he knew, telling them it was going to be a brilliant party. They in turn, spread the word to their friends and 900 people ended up going to the party.

For his second party, he hired Ministry of Sound and Prodigy, at the time not knowing how he would pay for them. But, he said, failure was not an option, he merely looked at the goal and headed towards it. The event was such a success that he was not only able to pay the bands, but he was left with a profit.

Many of his clients are corporate companies and Prince William has attended one of the parties. For the launch of a new Gucci watch in 1996, Capital VIP Events hired famous models as waitresses. The guests could admire the watches worn by the models, round their necks and arms. Qantas asked for the Great Barrier Reef to be recreated for an event.

Account managers are in charge of each event. But, Justin Etzin oversees every part himself, from start to finish, often out all night - ready to walk (or crawl) into the office at 8.30 am. Partying is Justin Etzin's way of adding to his £5million fortune.

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