Labelled Stupid at School, Peter Molyneux Is Now Worth £40million!

Name: Peter Molyneux.
Nationality: British.
Age: 40 years.

'Foolish' Idea: Designing computer games.

Start-up Capital: Unknown.

How Idea was Launched: To Peter Molyneux games are easy, so he started up his own company, Bullfrog Productions.

Sales: Through high-street stores and computer game retailers.

Earnings: Sold his company for £40 million.

Peter Molyneux revisited his old school, on his 40th birthday, flying in by helicopter. In the careers room, he could recall his old teacher telling him he should join the Army or become a lumberjack. For Peter has dyslexia, but no-one diagnosed the condition until he was at technical college. His school teachers merely thought he was dumb, because although he could answer questions in class, he was hopeless at written work. He got so frustrated that he used to spend a lot of his time in classes drifting off into elaborate daydreams.

Once his dyslexia had been realised, Peter Molyneux re-sat exams by dictating the answers for someone else to write. He passed every one, then sailed through A levels and a degree. After University, he started a company Bullfrog Productions, because he had discovered his talent lay in designing computer games based on the fantasy world he'd created in his school day daydreams.

Peter Molyneux eventually sold Bullfrog Productions for £40 million and started another, as an outlet for his seemingly endless ideas in a fantasy world he can create, which is a result of his dyslexia.

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