David and Lydia Instance Unfold a £50million Sale!

Names: David and Lydia Instance (husband and wife team).

Nationalities: British.

Ages: David, 61yrs. Lydia, not known.

'Foolish' Idea: A label which concertinas out.

Start-up Capital: Not known.

How Idea was Launched:

In 1964, Lydia and David launched their now Kent-based firm, David J Instance Ltd. However, it started off as most other high street printers, producing letterheads and business cards for businesses, earning nothing much to shout about.

The turn around came when in the late 70's, David and Lydia patented their idea of a concertina label. Concertina labels are now widely used by pharmaceutical companies, such as Glaxo Wellcome, in the U.S. and by agrochemical companies.

Sales: Cartons and producing packaging with innovative printing, such as 'talking' cat food tins and warning labels on drugs, using their patented idea of concertinaing-out labels to reveal detailed warnings.

Earnings: Sold off 49% of the business to Prudential Ventures in the spring of 1998 for £50 million.

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