Sports Company Wins a Game of 250million For Johan Eliasch!

Name: Johan Eliasch.

Nationality: Swedish.

Age: 37yrs.

'Foolish' Idea: Investing in other businesses.

How Idea was Launched: Johan first took over a small New York-based cards company. Turning it round, he sold it for a good profit.

Johan Eliasch came to London in 1985 and proceeded to invest in more businesses. One of these, was London Films, the company which with the BBC, made The Scarlet Pimpernel. But, Johan's real breakthrough came when he acquired the Austrian sports company, Head Tyrolia Mares.

The company is best known for its tennis rackets and ski equipment. Johan took over when the company was making losses of 36million.

Johan sliced costs, cut back its range of goods and profits in 1998 were expected to touch 12.2million on sales of 179million.

Earnings: Johan can expect a company worth 250million (1999). He is the sole owner.

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