Home-Shopping Nets $2.3billion in Sales for Joseph Segal

Name: Joseph Segal.

'Foolish' Idea: Selling products directly from a TV program.

Set-up Capital: Unknown. But Joseph Segal is the millionaire entrepreneur who founded the famed collectibles company, 'The Franklin Mint'.

How Idea was Launched: Through the QVC shopping network. QVC stands for quality, value and convenience.

Sales: QVC made $2.3billion in sales in 2001.

The American QVC home-shopping program airs products, from jewelry and clothes to books and dolls. Some people are glued to the show for 12 hours a day.

The shopping empire has over 5,000 phone lines. Products are demonstrated or presented by several hosts; who are all stars in their own right raking in six-figure salaries.

Veteran host Steve Bryant, sold $4million worth of computers on the air in just one hour. One of QVC's most popular stars is Murphy, a golden retriever who appears on several of the network's regular shows with the celebrity hosts.

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