Lonely Hearts and Personal Sites

The Internet is a great way for unattached people to communicate, perhaps aided by the anonymity it offers.

However, it's not the sort of place that encourages people getting together, so there's a great demand for lonely hearts and personal services that operate via the Web or e-mail.

Feature short descriptions of each person, along with what they are looking for, and encourage people to contact you, paying a small fee to see someone's details and picture.

Don't give out contact details though, if the other person is interested they can pass on a message to confirm a 'date'.

If you wish, you can charge people a membership fee to join your service.

Vetting your clients will help improve their chances of finding a suitable partner, boosting your success rates and attracting more customers.

Advertise your site in newspapers, magazines and through specialised mailing lists, as well as on the Net itself.