Software Identifies £248million
For Gordon Crawford!

Name: Gordon Crawford and Family.

Age: Gordon, 44yrs.

'Foolish' Idea: Software that helps banks to identify less reliable customers.

How Idea was Launched:

London Bridge Software was started by Gordon in 1987.

Ten years later the London-based company floated. Today, all the large banks use its software to help them identify less reliable customers.

Gordon Crawford is a former town planner. He gained software experience by switching jobs to computer programmer, working for an American computer company. Only after gaining experience, did Gordon launch his own company.

He is a well-respected and liked boss, discouraging staff from working long hours. In America he insists his staff get 20 days holiday, which is much more than workers usually get. Gordon's company has not suffered financially from this unusual business stance, in a world where most bosses expect lots of hours from employees.

Earnings: Gordon Crawford and his wife have a 59.5% stake, worth £248million (1998).

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