Computer Systems Chip in at £11million Profit!
For Peter Rigby

Name: Peter Rigby

Age: 28yrs.

'Foolish' Idea: Selling computer systems.

Start-up Capital: £2,000 savings.

How Idea was Launched:

At 28 years of age, Peter set up Birmingham-based, Computer Holdings to sell computer systems to blue-chip clients. In 1993, Peter started the computer store chain, Byte.

Unfortunately, although profit making, the stores are thought to have cost the holding company millions. But Peter sold Byte to Dixons for £6million in 1997.

Peter's experience in computers, was gained while working for two American computer companies. He has a reputation for being a good employer - staff often travel in his plane and helicopter. It was something he learned during his time as an employee before striking out on his own.

Earnings: Specialist Computer Holdings made £11million profit on sales of £536.2million in 1997-98. Peter owns most of the shares.

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