From Pavement Artist to a Company Valued at £25 Million!
Simon Needham and James Sommerville

Names: Simon Needham and James Sommerville.

Nationality: British.

Age: Simon, 30 years. James, not known.

'Foolish' Idea: Graphic design.

Start-up Capital: £1,000 grant from The Prince's Trust.

How Idea was Launched: In 1986, Simon and James started up the graphic design agency, Attik Design, because their first studio was in James's gran's attic in Huddersfield.

Simon's previous jobs, included a pavement artist, Top Man salesman and advertising art worker. Attik Design now have offices in London, New York and Sydney.

Sales: Clients include Sony, Nike and Heineken.

Earnings: 1998, the company was valued at £25million.

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