Ruben Rausing Made
£Billions from a Box!

Name: Ruben Rausing.

Nationality: Swedish.

'Foolish' Idea: A box which keeps drinks - such as milk - fresh.

How Idea was Launched:

Ruben patented his box-shaped beverage container 30 years ago. He marketed it through his business, Tetra Pak - turning it into one of the world's largest and most profitable paper-packaging businesses.

Ruben retired and his two sons, Gad and Hands took over the reins in the early 1980's. The business is now called Tetra Laval, since the £1.5billion take-over of Alfa Laval in 1991. Gad bought Han's 50% shareholding in 1995.

Earnings: Ruben's earnings from his invention, not known. His son Hans's proceeds from selling his shares in the business is reckoned to have been about £3billion.

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