Fifty Quick And Simple Business Ideas To Inspire You!

1. Make soft toy lucky charms. One idea is a giant number seven. Other ideas for soft toy charms include: four leaf clovers, horseshoes, rabbits and destiny dice.

2. Start a mobile installation and repair service for all kinds of car lights. Produce a leaflet which lists prices for different jobs. Deliver copies of your leaflet to houses throughout your area.

3. Make a selection of soft toy insects, for example: caterpillars, ladybirds, bumblebees and wasps. Package the soft toys and claim that everyone should have a pet insect.

4. Use clothes pegs to make souvenir ornaments. The ornaments might take the form of animals, castles, boats, windmills and many others. Also design and produce kits so that craft workers can make their own ornaments from clothes pegs. Sell these kits by mail order.

5. Arrange holiday exchanges between various English speaking nationalities, such as Scottish, English, American, Canadian or Australian. You might either provide a personal service which matches people, or publish a newsletter listing people seeking exchanges.

6. Set up a service which gives independent valuations and assessments for those considering the purchase of a particular expensive antique.

7. Bring out an information package about, 'How to Start Your Own Carded Products Business' (ordinary products are mounted on card for displaying on racks or walls in shops). An information package might consist of CDs on sales dialogue, booklets about ideas and methods. etc.

8. Design and produce your own badges. The badges might have designs which feature sports, witty statements, pop stars or flowers. Mount the badges on specially printed cards and sell the full cards to a wide range of shops.

9. Start a market stall which sells low value antiques. Obtain your stock from either trade sources or buy saleable goods from the public.

10. Earn money from selling badges at pop concerts, festivals, tourist sites and other places where there are crowds.

11. Put together a mail order business which sells mineral and rock specimens to collectors. Produce a catalogue which lists a wide range of minerals and rock specimens. Also include in the catalogue collecting supplies and accessories.

12. Bring together a wide range of aerial photographs. The photographs might, for example, be high altitude shots of villages, towns and cities. Start a mail order business which frames and sells these photographs. Almost anyone can buy from you an aerial photograph of where they live.

13. Slice timber logs and burn letters into the wood to make house name signs. Also varnish the wood. Sell these signs from a stall at special markets, or get them stocked at retailers.

14. Produce writing paper which has borders printed with pretty rural scenery or flowers. Get this writing paper stocked at stationers and tourist shops.

15. Bring out a booklet which has a title like, '101 (or 1001) Unusual Facts About (Your Town)'. Discover the facts by reading local history books and visiting the archives of local newspapers. Also, do similar booklets about other towns, or produce booklets about tourist towns.

16. Set up a firm which organises the production of concrete or plastic garden fairies. These fairies will compete in the market place with garden gnomes. Ornamental fairies are just as at home in the garden as gnomes. Get your garden fairies stocked at retailers who sell garden products.

17. Prepare a correspondence course about how to increase your chances of winning at poker, the pools, or horse racing. The course allows people to develop their skill over a period of time and allows you to charge a reasonable amount of money. Use press advertising to sell the course.

18. Add a stand to small cubes of different types of marble and sell as natural ornaments.

19. Design, produce and distribute T-shirts and sweat shirts which have an astrological theme. The idea is that people will buy a T-shirt or sweat shirt which celebrates their star sign. Package your T-shirts and sweat shirts and get them displayed at a wide range of retailers.

20. Prepare astrological readings and charts about family ancestors. Use astrology to shed light on the personal characteristics of ancestors. Advertise your service in genealogy publications.

21. Open a school of creativity. Teach business people about the various techniques of creative thinking, such as brainstorming, lateral thinking, quick thinking, value analysis, etc. Hold classes, seminars or give personal tuition during work hours and lunch breaks.

22. Produce a series of biographical CDs about famous artists, writers, politicians, inventors, film stars, etc. Sell the CDs through book shops or start a monthly club.

23. Start a novel sedan chair service in the centre of a tourist town. Carry a tourist on a short tour of a city centre (5 or 10 minutes).

24. Set up a horse drawn minibus service at a tourist resort. Provide tourists with a short trip, either around the town centre, or along the sea front.

25. Start a business which organises outdoor holidays in America. For example, walking or cycling holidays in the Rockies. Sell places on these holidays to people in Britain and in the rest of Europe.

26. Write and publish a booklet about '101 Ideas for Off the Beaten Track Holidays'. Get this publication stocked at book shops, or sell from classified ads. You might also sell advertising space to firms who organise unusual holidays.

27. Hang low cost imported leather belts on racks. Get various shops to take one of your racks of belts.

28. Set up a business which organises weddings. Compile a list of tasks which need to be done to make a wedding successful. Put together a selection of packages at different prices and sell these to potential clients.

29. Open a stall in an antiques market which sells collectable plates. Buy your stock of plates from manufacturers, wholesalers and collectors.

30. Devise and produce biblical role-playing games. For example, people might take the roles of characters in parables. Arrange for the games to be manufactured. Sell the games by post or get them stocked at ordinary or religious book shops.

31. Start a pen pal club for children and adults who have an interest in literature. Members of the club can write to each other about the books they read. Advertise the club in literary publications.

32. Produce a library of CDs about the history of World War II. The advantage of these CDs is that they can feature the sounds of historic events. Get these CDs stocked at shops which sell books or records. Or bring out a catalogue and set up a mail order business.

33. Use low value foreign coins to make unusual pictures. For example, a picture might be either a coin mosaic, or a selection of coins mounted next to each other to make silhouettes of landscapes. Frame the pictures and get them stocked at shops which sell gifts, coins or souvenirs.

34. Put together a CD course about teaching yourself the Welsh language. Sell the course by mail order and get it stocked at book shops and souvenir shops throughout Wales.

35. Begin an enterprise which produces wall charts designed to help individuals and couples manage their financial affairs. A thorough record of expenditure is made on the wall chart. The wall chart helps financial control because nothing can be hidden and planning is easier.

36. Create a mail order business which sells drinking accessories and memorabilia. For example: yard long drinking glasses, personalised tankards, traditional pub games, collectible beer mats, books about drinking and breweries, etc.

37. Start a service which produces high quality, demonstration CDs for new bands or performance artists. They pay for the production of the CDs. Your service also distributes copies to people in the music business. Advertise your service in the music press.

38. Write, produce and sell a correspondence course about inventing for profit. The course helps a person develop creative abilities and identifies areas where small inventors get the most patents. A key selling point of your course is that inventing is both fun and can be lucrative.

39. Produce a selection of postcards which feature traditional oil paintings of tourist sites. The paintings featured on the postcards might be either contemporary views, or scenes from Victorian times.

40. Start a business which organises the building of reproduction ancient stone monuments. The reasons why a person might want a reproduction monument include: personal gratification, an interest in the occult, to create a tourist site, and to attract customers to a restaurant.

41. Manufacture wooden snooker scoreboards for professional and amateur players. Try to bring out an inexpensive scoreboard which can be sold to players who have a snooker table in their home.

42. Begin a lesson of the month club for those who want to start a business. Each lesson is like a monthly newsletter and is part of a comprehensive course. The lessons might be about starting a business, either in general, or a specific area such as mail order or retailing.

43. Create a company which designs and manufactures children's kits for: making kaleidoscopes, constructing pinhole cameras, growing crystals and other things which demonstrate simple scientific principles. You might include all the projects in a compendium of basic scientific experiments.

44. Put together a hamper of children's jokes and novelties. In each hamper include many of the products popular with children, such as trick matches, itching powder, plastic spiders, etc. - get small hampers stocked at toy shops and newsagents, and sell large hampers by mail order.

45. Begin a woodwork business which makes toys for children which are variations of the traditional rocking horse. For example: rocking mythical creatures, rocking rafts with a single sail; aeroplanes, UFO's, etc. Sell these toys in finished or kit form, by mail order and through toy shops.

46. Make small and attractive mosaics for hanging on walls, like paintings. For example, a mosaic might be circular and feature the face of a goddess from the ancient world.

47. Begin a mail order business which sells products related to the game of bridge. Conduct a world wide search for products related to bridge. Produce a catalogue about the products you have for sale. Place ads in national publications to attract potential buyers.

48. Design and make a selection of gloves for football goalkeepers. Try to add some special feature to the gloves, such as 'extra lightweight', 'extra tough' or 'extra warm'. Get your gloves stocked at sports shops.

49. Use leather or fabrics to make pen wallets and pencil cases. Sell the wallets and cases empty. Or buy pens and pencils at trade prices and add them to the wallets and cases respectively to make the finished products.

50. Set up a mail order business which sells second hand books. Use your own books for the initial stock. Find further stock by advertising for both trade sources and complete collections owned by private individuals. Produce a list of your books for sale and place ads in various magazines.

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