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'4 Small Businesses'

Since I am in the small business theatre could you forgive a small theatre analogy?

I see my role as putting excellent companies on the stage and shining a few spotlights in their direction. It is up to my audience to decide whether to look and enjoy the show, or to go for another beer in the theatre bar!

Either way, I hope you enjoy the show.

I give you my very best advice and knowledge gained over decades of running successful moneymaking businesses. I only suggest companies which, in my opinion, provide outstandingly good service at outstandingly good rates.

It is up to you to decide whether my recommendations or suggestions are suitable for you.

All businesses carry some risk. There is no magic way of making money for zero risk. Profit is not guaranteed so be prepared to lose as well as to win. Don't ever invest more in any business venture than you can comfortably afford to lose if it all goes wrong.

I take risks and accept the responsibility of my success or failure. If you take risks then you are fully responsible for your success or failure.

I accept no responsibility for your small business venture. Since you're not sharing the profits with me, you can't expect me to carry the can if it all goes wrong. Sound fair?

Links from my site are listed as a convenience to my visitors. I accept no responsibility and offer no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.

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'4 Small Businesses' has nothing to do with pop-ups, adware, spyware or cookies. If you get any of these while visiting this site, you probably have a 'pest' on your computer.

I do sincerely wish you every success, with your small businesses.

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