Personal Loans

'4 Small Businesses' believes that whatever service you are seeking but particularly business and personal loans, whether secured or unsecured, whatever your personal situation, you need a company which can do all of the following: Let me repeat the last bit, debt solutions and advise should be free. There are many reputable services available which can point you in the right direction and charge you nothing for doing it, like www.usa.gov or www.citizensadvice.org.uk.

Only use secure application forms which should be easily found online and read all the terms and conditions. When you know exactly what is best for your situation, shop around - you could save hundreds.

O.K. That is what you should do - Now for what you shouldn't do.

Don't borrow money from any source which is not fully regulated.

By that I mean do not enter into any loan arrangement with friends, relatives, neighbours etc. unless you are absolutely convinced that nothing can possibly go wrong. Even then it probably will all go wrong, and then you will have relationship problems as well as financial problems. Thousands find this out the hard way. Don't join them.

If you still think friendly borrowing is a good idea, just watch Judge Judy for 10 minutes.

Finally - Don't even think about borrowing money from a 'loan-shark'.

You don't find their victims on Judge Judy - You find them in bankruptcy courts, prisons and hospitals.

Personal Loan Resources (UK Only)

National Debtline
The helpline that provides FREE confidential and independent advice on how to deal with debt problems in the U.K.
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