Loan Request Letter Examples

A lot of folks believe that all they need to do to solve their financial difficulties, is to fill out my contact form as a loan request letter (form later removed because of this!).

Perhaps they believe that this is the first time I have ever been asked for a loan and that I would be so flattered that I would simply stick my hands in my back pockets and fire all my hard earned loot half way round the globe.

Sorry guys - The truth is, I do not provide loans to anyone for any purpose.

Here's a very small sample of the hundreds of loan request letter examples that I have been sent.

(full names, IP addresses and email addresses withheld to protect the senders privacy - spelling mistakes are theirs, not mine!)

First Name: EDDIE - I am looking for a loan to purchase a 18 wheller. The amount of the truck is $17,500. I will need this loan as soon as possible to keep from missing the trk. Is this possible from u ??? (United States)

First Name: monty - I have a question : I'm trying to get in a grant program with advance business development the tution is 2,ooo dollars. would be possible get the money from you to pay them? (United States)

First Name: Anjali - HI IM LOOKING FOR A SMALL BUSINESSES LOAN $50,000.00 PL-CALL ME AT 713-494-xxxx (United States)

First Name: Moustapha - Hello I am called Moustapha, I was to impress by the formation of the American university since 1999 I am in the search of grants. We live today in a world in full change or only the best has a place. I have the level control I will wish the assistance coming from any person wanting to help me or any other association finally that I can carry out my dream to go to make a formation of qulity. My contacts: moustapha *** street ***, carries *** Bamako (Mali)

First Name: Billy - My loan request is because I have been planning this business for about 4 years. I need a large loan to get it going. It's a restaurant based on the 50's, a Rock-N-Roll Drive In-car hop. It's a fast food Restaurant. (United States)

First Name: Renee - Hi. My fiance and I are both in bankruptcy at the moment. We could have been discharged this past April but we made too much and now have to pay that back. We want to buy a larger home and a larger vehicle as our family just recently grew larger - but we can't do any of these until we are discharged. We are looking for a loan of $5000.00 to pay off our bankruptcy so that we can start our life again. Is there any way you can help us? Thank you. Renee (Canada)

First Name: RAY - We are searching for a finance group that would finance our Client's purchases of power wheel chairs and scooters. Their purhases would be from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00 dollars. Please forward the appropriate contact information if you are interested! (country unknown)

First Name: lewis - Iam a Zambian citizen asking for a small business loan with a view to raising funds to pay for my course. Iam looking forward to hearing from you and the conditions as far as your loans are concerned. (Lithuania)

First Name: theophilus - please i need a loan for my school fees (country unknown)

First Name: joey - Do u help canadian businesses aquire loans and could someone give me a call or letter so we can discuss a loan (Canada)

First Name: liz - need help with student loan for college. not the greatest credit or that long of credit just want to go to college please help (country unknown)

First Name: Aonliefo o - please l am looking for an admission into a higher school of learning and l am not financially bouyant.l will needed your help in future if l finally succeed in the nearest future.l am saving towards that for l work. (country unknown)

First Name: susan - I am trying to get myself back on track financially; discharged from a consumer proposal in 2005. I am looking for an unsecured personal loan for $25,000.00 Canadian with a term of 60 months. I do not have a co-signor and will only pay up front fees if they are deducted from the loan principal. Please advise! (Canada)

First Name: Lori B - To whom it may concern my name is Lori B and I would like to request a small personal loan and I have a bank account and the routing number is as follows 051-000***is the routing number and the account#4350-*** and the phone number is 1-800-*** and the name of the bank is Bank Of America you can e-mail me at *** thank you very much (country unknown)

First Name: Pam - Do you do small business loans in the USA? (country unknown)

First Name: gillian n - I am an insurance agent, and have an awesome opprottunity to make some great income, I need a loan for computers, equipment, desk etc like yesterday - I have no credit, just came out of a horrible relationship breakup and he took everything...everything... (country unknown)

First Name: Ketsana S - please send infromations about personal loans by letter to the address below *** Thank You! (United States)

First Name: Tessy Hi There, My name is Tessy, living in *****-Canada. I am going to move this 1srt december 08 in a house for rent at 1400$/month because my past credit is not good for me to buy it. They are asking me to rebuild my credit but nobody can give me a credit card or a loan. I have a job and I will be able to afford that rent. After discussing with the owner of that house, he is willing to sell it to me if I find a mortgage.The cost of the property is 207.000$. If I buy it my mortgage will be lower than the rent I will be paying. I do not have a down payment. If you can help me, I will be happy to deal with you and choose the amortization of 30 years. Can you please help me; I am a single widowed mom, kids are growing and nobody can help. Contact me please. (Canada)

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