Live Support Software

Live support software impresses your visitors and really helps to convert them into customers.

'ZiffTalk' is a 'Click to Call' phone service, which enables you to provide live phone support to your customers and prospects directly from your web site, email and ad banner.

Transform your web visitors into customers by capturing sales at point of interest, with live phone connections directly to your sales team, using this live support software.

Small businesses providing a service, multiple products, or slightly more complicated products, should greatly benefit from this service.

It's quick to set up with no software or hardware to buy and install. You simply add a small line of html code anywhere you want the button to appear.

When your visitor clicks that button they are given a 'pop up' window requesting their phone number. Filling this in makes their phone ring and as soon as they answer it, your phone rings.

With your sales team now talking live to someone interested enough to have found you on the web, and who has read enough of your message to want to hear more, you should have little difficulty in making the sale.

Even if they don't click the button, the fact that the button is there will give the impression that you are more credible, trustworthy and accessible, and so increase sales greatly.

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